Academic Policies

All children are expected to perform academically to the best of their ability.

A. Classwork
We provide a variety of learning experiences that recognize the multiple intelligences of our students and encourage self-growth.

1. Class requirements are determined by your childs teacher(s).
2. Each student must fulfill all class requirements on time and in the manner prescribed by the teacher.
3. Late and incomplete assignments will be graded accordingly and will affect grades.

B. Homework
1. Students are responsible to complete and submit all homework assignments on time.
2. It is a parental responsibility to ensure that a child completes his/her homework. Parents must sign the homework agenda each day and are encouraged to double check assignments on the homework pages of Option C.
3. Students who are absent are responsible to make up all class work and homework assignments within a reasonable amount of time.
4. In addition, the Upper School (grades 5-8) has the following more detailed policy:

  • Late homework will not be accepted for regular daily assignments.
  • The only exception is due to absence. In the case of a one day absence, all homework will be expected one day after the childs return. If the absence is an extended absence, then the student is expected to hand in the homework on the Monday after his/her return.
  • All projects are to be turned in upon return to school. There will be NO extensions made for regular absences.
  • The students MUST come to each teacher to find out what homework is missing. Homework is also posted on each teachers Homework Page on Option C.
  • All homework is to be neat and clean.
  • All handwritten homework is to be written in script ? NO printing is allowed.
  • If a project is not turned in on the due date, the student will lose 15% of the total grade each day that the assignment is late for up to 3 days. After 3 days, the student will receive a zero (0).

Writing Policies
1. Writing assignments, for all subjects, are to be done in either blue or black ink in grades 3 and up. Math is the only class where a pencil may be used.
2. Cursive writing (script) is the only acceptable style of writing that is to be used in grades 3 and up. Assignments which are printed will have to be re-done.
3. Assignments for all subjects are to be written using proper English. Spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and paragraphing will be graded in all subject areas.

C. Grading and report card policies
1. Grades are based on class work, homework, quizzes, tests, and individual and group projects.
2. Midway between report cards, children receive a Progress Report to alert parents to any difficulties that may be occurring. Please review, sign and return this report the next day.
3. Report cards are distributed three times a year. The first and second report cards are distributed during Parent-Teacher Conferences in December and March. The final report card is sent home on the last day of school.
4. Children in Pre-K and K will be assessed with some checklists but mostly narrative descriptions.
5. Children in grades 1 and 2 will receive letter grades.
6. Children in grades 3-8 will receive numerical grades.
7. A grade is made up of several components: 30% tests, 30% projects, 15% homework, 10% class work, 10% class participation and 5% quizzes.
8. Grades can be checked by parents at any time on Option C, assuming that all financial matters are current.
9. Any request for grade reconsideration must be made in writing to the teacher within one week of receiving the grade.
10. A test folder goes home every Friday. Parents are required to sign the folder and return it every Monday.
11. Any student who is suspended in-house or out of school is expected to do their work in a timely fashion. All work and tests must be completed on the day it is assigned for in-house suspensions or when they return to school for out of school suspensions. Make up exams will be scheduled upon return to school for out of school suspensions.

D. Promotion/Retention Policy
1. A student whose final average is failing in any academic subject, who fails the NYS exams or is exhibiting academic difficulty, is or may be required to attend summer school.
2. A student whose final average is failing in two or more academic subjects will be retained. Summer school is also strongly encouraged in those instances as well.
3. Teachers will communicate with parents regarding their childs needs and will make recommendations to help the child succeed. When retention or summer school is a possibility the teacher will notify the parent in writing no later than the last Progress Report.
4. When a teacher determines that a students difficulty might be addressed through testing and an Individual Education Profile (IEP), full parental cooperation is expected. A student who is having difficulty and requires this profile will not be re-registered automatically or promoted for the coming school year without it.

E. Honor Roll and Other Awards
Honor recognition is awarded to students who comply with established school policy and meet the academic criteria. Children with I or U in any area are not eligible for honor recognition. All Awards are dependent on good conduct and effort.

1. Academic honors are issued in Grades 3-8 based on the following:

  • Principals List? 97 to 100 in all subjects
  • First Honors– 90 to 100 in all subjects
  • Second Honors– 85 to 100 in all subjects

2. Academic honors are issued in grades 1 & 2 based on the following:

  • Principals List – A+ in all subject areas
  • First Honors – A or A+ in all subject areas
  • Second Honors – B+, A or A+ in all subject areas

3. Students who have achieved the above grades for a trimester will have it noted on their report card and will be recognized with a certificate distributed by their classroom teachers.

4. An Awards Assembly will be held at the end of the year. Students achieving Honors for the entire year will be recognized.

  • Perfect attendance is recognized at the Awards Assembly and is given to students who have never been late or absent throughout the entire school year.