After School Program

The purpose of this optional program is designed to assist working parents by providing a supervised environment for their children. Time will be allotted for a snack, homework and quiet recreation.

Staff: Queen of the Rosary Catholic Academy Faculty + selected outside providers
Time: Dismissal time to 6 p.m.(After 6 p.m. a $5 late fee for every 15 minutes late)
Eligibility: Any student in grades PreK3 through 8th grade
Registration Fee: $25 for one child, $40 for two or more children

Official Registration to attend the after-school program is mandated prior to attendance.

Per Diem Rates: Daily fees must be received on the first day of the week or on the day of attendance. In the event of an emergency, payment must be made at the time you pick up our child. Parents kindly enclose the fee for after-school in the special envelope provided and send to it to school each Monday morning.

3-6 p.m.: $15 daily, $60 weekly for one child; $15 daily, $40 weekly for each additional child
12-3 p.m.: $15 daily for one child; $15 daily for each additional child
12-6 p.m.: $30 daily; $20 for each additional child

Monthly Rates: The monthly flat rate is due for the first of each month and no refunds can be given for days missed. The rate is from 3-6 p.m. on regular days and Noon-6 p.m. on early dismissal days. The rates are:

One child $225
Two children $300
Three or more children $375

Enrichment Program Rates
One Hour Classes: 3-4 p.m., $80 for 8 weeks
Two Hour Classes: 3-5 p.m., $160 for 8 weeks

Additional After School Coverage Rates
4-6 p.m.: $12 daily, $50 weekly for one child; $10 daily, $40 weekly for each additional child
5-6 p.m.: $6 daily, $25 weekly for one child; $5 daily, $40 weekly for each additional child


  • When a student drops out of the after-school program, he/she cannot automatically be reinstated because the next child will be called from the waiting list.
  • The fee is due on Monday A.M. of each week for the week, even if your child only stays one day a week. A late fee of $10 will be charged if the after-school fee is not paid on Monday.
  • Full payment should be made in the special envelope provided and must be separate from tuition, boosters or lunch money.
  • All students must be picked up by 6:00 PM sharp or student(s) will not be allowed to continue in program. A $5 late fee, per 15 minutes will be charged after 6 p.m.
  • Permission forms are required of all participants. Parents are responsible to check homework folders, sign all homework and sign all notes!