Nursery Newsletter – 1/3/17

happy-new-yearDear Parents,

Happy New Year! Welcome back! I hope you had a blessed Christmas! Thank you all for your warm wishes and thoughtful gifts! I am truly touched by your kindness and generosity! I wish you all a wonderful, healthy new year!

This week we will celebrate the close of the Christmas season with a look at the Gospel stories of the Nativity, the Holy Family, and the Epiphany. We will begin to create the first pages of our own illustrated Bible, which we will work on throughout the following months. We will also begin to learn the Our Father prayer. In our literacy center we will review letters A-L, and introduce letter Mm and the sound. We will be reading The Mitten, and City Mouse, Country Mouse, and work on related activities. We will also read about manatees.  In our literacy center we will also work with rhyming words, and we will begin to recognize and write our names. In our math center we will review the numbers 1-5. In our science center we will begin to explore the season of winter, and record our observations. We will also work on experiments with magnets. In social studies we will introduce a new class project about community helpers.

Our project work from January through May will be a project entitled Community Helpers. Our class will explore the people in our neighborhood that contribute to our community. Our project will include research about various careers through books, videos, and the arts, dramatic play experiences, and guest visits to our class. We would love if all our parents and extended family members would become involved in some aspect of this project, whether by talking about a career, demonstrating / introducing a skill; sharing a hobby or interest (academic topic, art, music, dance, cooking experiment, etc.), or reading a related book to the class. I will send home more information about this project as it unfolds. I look forward to working on this exciting project with your children!

Have a great week!


Mrs. Marinelli


Nursery Photos Prior to January, 2017

20161215_103023    20161206_140142 20161116_101606 20161116_101033 20161116_100929 20161116_100828 20161114_112407 20161115_102231 20161114_112349 20161115_110510 20161118_095856 20161118_095906 20161118_095845 20161118_095837 20161121_100506 20161121_122952 20161121_123751 20161121_124303 20161121_124810 20161121_140247 20161121_140236 20161122_105711 20161122_105720 20161122_105734 20161122_105738 20161122_110326 20161122_110332 20161122_121831 20161122_120541 20161122_121837 20161122_121844 img_5258 20161122_140144 20161122_140209 20161122_140217 20161128_091352 20161129_133817 20161129_133825 20161129_133836 20161129_133846 20161129_140759 20161129_140809 20161129_140821 20161129_140827 20161129_141056 img_5290

20161107_131411 20161107_130905  20161107_131116 20161109_103236 20161109_103917 20161110_135945 20161110_140001 20161110_140332 20161110_141144 img_5112 20161110_142511 img_5110 20161109_132040 20161109_132118 20161109_132136 20161109_132306 20161109_132518 20161110_135844 20161110_135901 20161109_132708 20161109_132716 20161109_132845 20161109_132940 20161110_101611 20161109_140037 20161109_135615 20161110_104156 20161110_104250 20161110_104500 20161110_112321 20161110_114505 20161031_081039 20161031_082133 20161031_082212 20161031_082343 20161031_081956 20161031_082404 20161031_082544 20161031_082556 20161031_082440 20161031_082455 20161031_090638 20161031_112546 20161031_113218 20161101_110447 20161101_110748 20161101_112133 20161102_134114 20161102_134121

20161102_134128 20161102_134136 20161102_134219 20161102_134247 20161103_102203 20161103_102440 20161103_102719 20161103_103101 20161103_111255 20161103_111316 20161103_111349 20161104_104031 20161104_104416 img_5071 img_5066 img_5037 20161025_135256 20161025_135529 20161025_135352 20161025_140054 20161025_140526 20161025_140710 20161028_110429 20161028_111056 20161028_135350 20161101_111340 20161101_111821


20161018_133151 20161018_133338 20161018_133301 20161018_133331 20161018_133324 20161019_095920 img_4933 img_4962 20161019_100904 20161019_111410 20161019_102832 20161019_103956 20161019_111132 20161019_103636 20161019_104244 20161019_105617 20161019_110615 20161019_104723

20161012_105528 20161012_105546 20161012_105608 20161012_105618 20161012_105646 20161012_105716 20161012_105753 20161012_105814 20161012_105826 20161012_110355 20161012_110415 20161012_110426 img_20160916_102957 img_20160912_103458 img_20160927_110106 img_20160927_105444img_20160926_140632  img_20160926_140724  img_20160926_140739  img_20160927_105444  img_20160927_110054  img_20160927_110125  img_20160927_105550  img_20160927_105613  img_20160928_135832  img_20160927_110432  img_20160927_110502  img_20160927_110545  img_20160927_110814  img_20160928_140432  img_20160928_140041  img_20160928_140232  img_20160926_141232

Homepage News

Walk-A-Thon 2016

We exceeded our $10,000 goal for our 2nd Annual 2016 Walk-A-Thon!  Thank you to all of the families and businesses who contributed in helping our school continue to thrive!


Homepage News

Pre-K for All Registration


We still have seats available for Pre-K for All.  If your child will be 4 years old on or before December 31st and you are looking for an enriching full day program for FREE, please contact our school directly.  We are now accepting walk-ins! Our school code is 14KCKY.


Fundraisers Homepage News

Penny Challenge Results!

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 11.47.21 AMFinally the results are in from our Penny Challenge:

1st Place: Blue Team with $734.30
2nd Place: Red Team with $685.77
3rd Place: White Team with $502.94

We also received a $1,000 donation from Elite Learning. The grand total raised was $2,923.01. We reached our goal and have enough left to purchase two new basketball hoops for our auditorium! The winning team will celebrate with a Dress Down and Pizza Party on Tuesday, March 22nd! Thank you to our students and families for their “loose change” contributions!


Our Penny Challenge Teams






We enjoyed performing in the Christmas show



We showed off our Fall Projects






Halloween was awesome!






We enjoyed learning about Pope Francis and praying for him



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