February 25, 2019



Dear Parents,

     Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed the winter recess! I am thrilled to be back in Nursery! I have missed the children so much, and am looking forward to being in the classroom again! It has been a long, slow recovery, but I am so grateful for all that Ms. DeStefano has done to provide your children with a warm and engaging learning environment in my absence. I know she will miss being with your children each day. I am also so grateful to Ms. Nilsa for being a consistent nurturing presence in your children’s lives each school day, and for taking such good care of them. Thank YOU for all your warm wishes! It is good to be back!

     This week we will be learning the letter Ss. We will be learning about our solar system, star constellations, and the space station. Our learning centers will revolve around this theme. In our art center we will study Van Gogh’s The Starry Night, and we will create our own oil pastel interpretations. In our math center we will work with numbers 1-10, create graphs and patterns, and begin simple addition equations using space related manipulatives. In our literacy center we will create shared writing and independent writing pieces that include informative works based on research about space travel and the solar system, as well as original narratives based on dramatic play experiences. In our literacy center we will work on letter recognition and phonics, rhymes, syllables, and name recognition/spelling activities. We will also read Strega Nona, Scaredy Cat, and books about snails and snakes. On Thursday your children will present the Black History Month projects they worked on with Ms. DeStefano.

  1. Please visit our class this Thursday, February 28th, for the school-wide Black History Month Wax Museum presentation! Your child is invited to bring in a related costume to change into after lunch for the presentation. The doors to the museum will open at 1:30, and the Nursery will be dismissed at 2:45 on this day. I hope you can join us!

       Have a great week!

                                                                                                                         With warm wishes,

                                                                                                                         Mrs. Marinelli