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Issue #1: Principal’s Weekly Notes and Updates for the Week of September 10-14

Issue #1: Principal’s Weekly Notes and Updates for the Week of September 10-14.


+ School has started for our PreK for All through Eighth Grade students. Students have eased nicely into their routines.


+ Our PreK-3 Nursery orientation was Thursday, September 6, where parents and students had a chance to meet with M. Marinelli, our PreK-3 Nursery teacher.


+ Students in our PreK-3 Nursery program begin this week on Monday, September 10. These students will have three half-days during their first week of school in order to help ease our three-year old students into their first week of school. We look forward to welcoming our PreK-3 Nursery students!


+ Our Parent-Teacher Orientation is on Tuesday, September 11, at 6:00pm. All parents should meet in the cafeteria with all the teachers. After meeting in the cafeteria, the teachers will go back to their classrooms giving the parents a chance to meet with their children’s teacher individually. 


+ Students in Grades 5-8, in their individual homerooms, will choose two students to campaign for our Student Council during this upcoming week. Those students will then read their speeches to each class next week. After the speeches are read, students will choose the Student Council representatives who will represent the students throughout the school year. President will be chosen by Grade 8; Vice-President will be chosen by Grade 7; Secretary will be chosen by Grade 6; and Treasurer will be chosen by Grade 5. 


On Monday (September 10) and Friday (September 14), our Scholar’s Program students will meet in order to begin Regents Prep work and start to develop their graduate written thesis on a topic of their choosing. If you are interested in the Scholars Program, please inquire about it. P. Aime and I are continuing to develop and implement new additions to the program.


+ Very soon the Williamsburg Movement and Arts Center and Chess Wizards will begin holding classes during After-School. Please inquire if you are interested by visiting our Facebook page at


+ On September 10, 11, and 19, we will be holding school tours. 


+ Our new Writing Units are being distributed this week. Students in all grades: Nursery, PreK for All, and Kindergarten-Grade 8 will be working on specific writing projects that will be presented to their parents at the end of each trimester. Writing pieces this trimester are focusing on opinion and narrative writing. We are very excited to establish this new program, that the teachers and I created, to ensure differentiated instruction in order to meet each child’s needs as a writer. Let the writing, editing, and publishing begin!


+ Students in Grades 2-8 will take their Reading Plus Insight Assessments to determine each child’s individual grade level. This is to further our commitment to differentiated instruction and help foster a love of reading. Parents please contact your child’s teacher or I to discuss your child’s reading level and what needs to be done to ensure your child reaches the scholar’s grade level.


+ We continue our Mathletics program. As you know, last year we placed 1st (Grade 2), 2nd (Grade 8), 4th (Grade 4), and 5th(Grade 3) during the competition. Our Kindergarten, Grades 1- 5, and Grade 8 were the top in their age groups — surpassing over 900 participating classes and over 2,500 participating students. Our goal is to continue this enthusiasm for mathematics. 


+ Our new Spanish teacher, R. Salcedo, will begin seeing students this week. QRCA’s goal for our Spanish program is to only converse and teach the students in Spanish in order to fully immerse the students in the Spanish language. We are also building a Spanish library to allow students to check-out books and be able to read in Spanish at their leisure.





James A. Daino