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– Our Pre-K for All classroom offers a safe, caring environment for children to learn, grow and play.

– We offer writing, reading, listening, math, science, block, building, dramatic play, puzzle, art, and music centers.

– Technology is incorporated into our daily activities through Smartboard activities and computer use.

– The values of compassion and respect are emphasized.

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November 12, 2019

Dear Parents,

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend!

This week, we will explore where we live- New York City. We will learn about the people who work in New York City, and we will discuss what we see, hear, and do in our neighborhoods. We will talk about the importance of knowing our addresses and phone numbers in case of an emergency- if your child does not already know their address and phone number, please take the time to teach them. Our vocabulary for the week includes address, borough, city, far, home, near, neighborhood, roads, and street.

In our literacy center, we will identify the letter Ii. We will work on rhyming activities and letter/sound activities. In our math center, we will work on simple addition and counting activities. In our science center, we will begin exploring building materials and tools.

  • Pizza is being sold on Tuesday November 12 for $2.50.
  • Family projects are due Wednesday November 13!
  • We will be working on several building projects over the next few weeks. Please consider donating recycled materials (paper towel tubes, empty milk cartons, empty yogurt containers, etc.) so help us with these projects. Thank you in advance!
  • Donations for the Little Sisters of the Poor (Pre-K has been assigned tea bags) are due by November 18.

Have a wonderful week!

Ms. Fitzpatrick



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