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– Our Pre-K for All classroom offers a safe, caring environment for children to learn, grow and play.

– We offer writing, reading, listening, math, science, block, building, dramatic play, puzzle, art, and music centers.

– Technology is incorporated into our daily activities through Smartboard activities and computer use.

– The values of compassion and respect are emphasized.



Congratulations to the Pre-K Class of 2018!

Have a wonderful summer!

Love, Ms. Fitzpatrick






Butterfly Release!

More fun in Pre-K!

We are excited that our caterpillars arrived!

Outdoor Fun in Pre-K!


April Adventures!


We helped make a salad!

March Mania!


February Fun!

We’re exploring light and space in our “Light” unit!

We had a blast celebrating Catholic School’s Week!

We are learning and growing in so many ways!

We started our January unit: “Transportation”

We made built and decorated “gingerbread” houses!

December fun!


We enjoyed our Thanksgiving feast!


Every day is an adventure!


Halloween fun!

Look at the pumpkins we decorated for the Pumpkin Decorating Contest! Great job!

We made pumpkin play-doh!

We are working on math and literacy activities!

We love reading, crafts, and painting!

We’re exploring pumpkins!


We made Candy Corn parfaits using tangerines, pineapple, and cool whip!

We drew laying down to imitate Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel!

More fun in Pre-K! 

We made applesauce, worked on letter identification and writing activities, played outside, and built our school using blocks!

We were working on shape activities, exploring natural items in our science center, and playing outside last week!

We also read “Ten Apples Up on Top” and tried to balance apples on our heads!

We’re having so much fun in Pre-K!