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September 16th 

Dear Parents,

    It has been a pleasure getting to know your children during the first full week of school! It has also been a pleasure meeting you all. I look forward to a very exciting year school year filled with lots of learning adventures!
This week, we will be starting our new unit “Welcome to Pre-K.” During this unit, your children will learn; what they bring to the classroom community, who other people in the classroom community are, and important people in the school community.
    During this week, we will continue to focus on rules, routines, safety, and hand washing rituals.
We will also be diving into exploring shapes and counting. We will be investigating how many sides, and angles shapes have and where we can find them in the real world.
For writing, this week we will be zooming in on the letter “A.” My goal this year with the alphabet will be to get your children to attain letter recognition, letter-keyword sound, alphabetic order, and letter formation.
    In addition, through the interactive read out loud’s, your children will learn how to identify, express, and deal with their feelings in order to have an easier transition in Pre-k.

• Please remember to send in your child’s blanket in to school each Monday.
• Mondays, we have gym. Please have your child wear sneakers.
• Please send your child in with a snack and water bottle daily.
• Friday ice cream will be sold during lunch for 2$. This is optional.
• If you would like to order books from the Scholastic Book Order Form, please order using the code: W437Y

Community, schedule, angry, disappointed, embarrassed, emotions, excited, expressions, feelings, frustrated, proud, lonely, rules, scared, silly, angles, circle, rectangle, square, triangle.

Weekly Interactive Read Out Louds:
On Monday When it Rained by: Cherryl Kachenmeister
When Sophie Gets Angry by: Molly Bang

Family Project
DUE SEPTEMBER 23rd (Directions will be sent home with your child this week.)

Thematic Sing Along Songs

Have a great week!
Ms. Sandra



We Welcome  you to Class B! 

This is the year when some of our youngest learners shine brightly in our classroom! It will be a year of magical wonder, and incredible growth for your little stars! We look forward to working with you and your child to help them prepare for their educational journey and limitless dreams. 

Our classroom will offer a safe environment and allow your child to express his or her individuality and creativity through our various learning centers. We will continuously encourage your child to feel proud of his or her work as well as, respect the creativity and uniqueness of their peers! Through a child lead and multi-strategy approach, each child will have a voice in our classroom!

We truly believe that communication is the key to your child’s success and to a strong parent/teacher relationship.  We encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or concerns at anytime during this school year! We will also do our part of communicating any important news both regarding the children as a group and individually.  You can always reach us via email and we will try and get back to you as promptly as possible.  


*Wednesday, September 4:    First Day of School (Half Day: Dismissal 11:45a.m) 

*Thursday, September 5:        Half Day: Dismissal 11:45a.m

*Friday, September 6:              Half Day: Dismissal 11:45a.m

*Monday, September 9:          *First full day 

                                                            *Back to school night (Begins 6pm)



We look forward to this years learning adventure with your child and family! 



Ms. Sandra & Ms. Ashley 






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