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“Congratulations on your acceptance into Hogwarts, may your choices provide you with rewards that only knowledge can bring.”  



Students have been busy taking care of their Mandrake plants.  As you know MANDRAKES are a very, very,essential plant here at Hogwarts, necessay for curing all kinds of horrendous incantations in the wizarding world. Only the finest most esquisitly grown plants will be harvested.


Our fossil excavation also proved to be successful!


VIP dates for June: 2018

June 12:           Walk -a-thon (3rd time).

June 13:            Dress Down:   $2.00

June 15:            8th Grade Graduation 

June 19:            Time:  1:00 pm 

                            Place:  Third Grade Classroom 

June 20, 21, & 22 will be celebrated by watching “The Chamber of Secrets” together in class.  Butterbeer, games and festivities will take place on these day, so please make sure your 1st years are able to come!  Also, taking place are the annual classroom  Superlatives Awards… for most organized, most friendly etc.   

Third Grade End of Year Extravaganza!  All parents are invited to come and see the magical journey that is Harry Potter .  Experience the lesson learned through Novel Reading, and be amazed by your scholars abilities.         


                         IN SCHOLASTIC NEWS TODAY…

In Math this month…

Essential Question:  How can data be used to solve problems?

We are begining our unit on measurement and data.  Students will begin to see that data includes measurements as well as categorical information that they can represent in different ways that will help solve problems.  They will solve problems involving measurement and estimation of intervals of time, liquid volumes, and masses of objects. 

Student will represent and interpret data.  

  • They will learn about geometric measurement: and understand concepts of area and relate area to multiplication and to addition.
  • Geometric measurement: recognize perimeter as an attribute of plane figures and distinguish between linear and area measures.

In Science this month…

Students are growing  their own plants.  Daily plant observations will be logged into their plant journals.

Students will make predictions about their plants, observe how plants get their nutrients from the soil, and how water helps plants make their own food.  Students will be able to identify different parts of the plant and its function.

We will also study how plants and animals live together, how the ecosystems exists because of the plants and animals that live in it.

Fossils and how scientist learn from their findings.

In Math …

Students have started their unit in Measurement and Data.  Students will focus on becoming involved with how to measure the intervals of time, the measurement of liquid volumnes and masses, and work with word problems involving distance, and plotting graphs.  

In Writing …

Students are busy writing narratives about their mythical creatures and soon, as a first year, students will visit Ollivanders to choose their wand, or actually, as the Ollivanders would tell you, the wand will choose you. There is a story behind that. 

In grammar:  Using Conjunctions, and Using Possessives.

Social Studies…

Inventions that shape communities,

Louis Pasteur- Discovered germs in food that infected food, making people sick. He created a way to clean food, called pasteurization, so people could eat it without getting sick. etc.



  • MAY 16TH                     MATH UNIT TEST FOR MEASUREMENTS 
  • MAY 21ST                      H.P. COMPREHENSION TEST ON CH 7-12
  • MAY 31st                     RELIGION :  WILL COVER THE PENTECOST , ROSARY , SAINTS ETC.  
  •                                               (STUDY GUIDE TO FOLLOW)

April Test:

Thursday  4/19                         Math test on time measurement.

Monday    4/22                          Science test on fossils and plants.

Thursday   4/26                        Religion  (study to follow)





  •      I am so over the moon, proud happy of my third grade class for bringing to life some of the most extraordinary Historical African American figures of our country.  On Friday, February 16th , the third grade class took part in a “living wax museum”.  The wax museum was a visual tribute to  these leaders. The students where dressed as their famous individual, stood at attention and came to life as visitors pressed their “bring to life command button”.  Exhibits held everything from artifacts to speeches, to real life pictures of  their historical figure.  Students learned character traits, informational text, personal narratives, historical time-lines, research and much, much more.  All  their hard work paid off!    Not only did they bring honor to their chosen historical figure, but they experienced what a successfully completed assignment feel like.  Congratulations to all my kiddos!
  • more to come …
  • Trip to Brooklyn Robot Foundry  March 21st!
  • Bring Bag Lunch 
  • Dress:  Gym Uniform Cost: $27.00
  • Transportation: Bus
  • Grades 3 & 4
  • Learning in January:
  • Reading:   The  Chamber of Secrets 
  •     Math:     We will begin our unit on “Fractions”.
  •  A pizza is great example to use with your child about fractions.  Most pizza pies are pre-sliced with eight equal slices.  In this example, the pizza is the whole that can be portioned into equal parts.  The slices of the pizza are the equal parts of the whole pizza pie. One slice of pizza represents  a unit fraction, of 1/8.  Other topics covered in this unit will:
  • Understanding the meaning of the numerator and denominator of a fraction 
  • Represent a fractions on a number line.
  • Find equivalent fractions.
  • Compare fractions with the same numerator and denominator.
  • whole fractions
  • Using real-life examples will help his/her learning process and your support can really make a difference!
  • Science:                        The Digestive and Skeletal System.
  • Social Studies :        Communities and great pioneers who explored the frontiers.  Migration and how  Civil War changed communities.   
  • Religion:                 The year of the church.
  •  On Line Resources:  

  • Math Antics                                    
  •  Mathletics                                   
  • Reading Plus