Week of April 29, 2019



Dear Parents,

     Welcome back! I hope you had a wonderful Easter with your family! Thank you so much for making our class Easter celebrations so special!

     It’s hard to believe, but it’s that time of year when we are at the end of our alphabet study! This week we will be learning the letter Zz. We will read At the Zoo, Color Zoo, Zomo: A Trickster Tale from West Africa, and Zoom to the Moon. We will also continue to work on letter recognition and phonics activities, writing our names, word building, and sentence construction activities in our literacy center. In our math center we will work on addition and subtraction stories and activities using numbers 1-10. In our science center we will learn about zoo animals, and we will continue to learn about the life cycle of plants and flowers. We will work on related spring activities in our art center, including abstract flower paintings based on the work of Georgia O’Keefe. We will continue working on our Communities Around the World Project. In religion we are celebrating the season of Easter with prayer and songs.


  • I want to thank Ms. Mulholland for teaching the children how to make a healthy spinach, strawberry, banana smoothie! Every child drank the delicious superhero smoothie!
  • Thank you for sending in flowers for our science table. Our class will continue learning about the life cycle of plants and flowers and trees. Please continue to send in flowers, blossoms, and other natural items found in spring during the coming weeks.


       Have a great week!


                                                                                            Mrs. Marinelli        



Easter Celebrations:



Nursery and Pre-K Bowling Tournament:

Making Smoothies: