Week of January 6, 2020


Dear Parents,

    Happy New Year! Welcome back! I hope you had a blessed Christmas! Thank you all for your warm wishes and thoughtful gifts! I am truly touched by your kindness and generosity! I wish you all a wonderful, healthy new year!

    This week we will celebrate the Christmas season with a look at the Gospel stories of the Nativity, the Holy Family, and the Epiphany. We will begin to create the first pages of our own illustrated Bible, which we will work on throughout the following months. We will also begin to learn the Our Father prayer. In our literacy center we will review letters A-L, and introduce the letter Mm. We will be reading The Mitten, Madeline, and the poem, Little Miss Muffet, and we will work on related activities. We will also read about manatees. In our literacy center we will continue to work with rhyming words, and we will begin to read and write our names. In our math center we will review the numbers 1-5. In our science center we will begin to explore the season of winter, and record our observations. We will also work on experiments with magnets. In social studies we will talk about our families..


  1. We will have Show and Tell on Thursday. Please have your child bring in a photo of your family. We will be talking about our family, the Holy Family, and things that make our families special!
  2. Pizza will be sold on Wednesday for lunch. If you would like your child to have pizza, please send in $2.50 on this day.

      Have a great week!


                                                                                            Mrs. Marinelli