Week of June 3, 2019


Dear Parents,

      It’s hard to believe, but we have only two more weeks left of school! Ms. Nilsa and I are enjoying every last moment with your wonderful children!

      Our last day of school will be June 17th. On that day your children will give a presentation, and we will have a small celebration. We have already begun practicing each day for this Step-Up Celebration. This week we will continue to practice for our performance. We will also review letters, phonics, and numbers, and complete work in our learning centers. We are working on the final activities for our Children Around the World project. We will continue to spend time outside each day.


  • We are beginning to clean and pack up our classroom. Please have your child bring in toys to play with during playtime each day. The toys should be durable, and should not include little pieces that could become lost. In addition to these toys, your child may continue to bring in a soft toy to cuddle with at rest time. You do NOT need to send in a blanket this week. Thank you!
  • Our last day of Nursery will be June 17th. Please look for the Step Up Celebration letter that will be sent along with this letter. (Please check the post below, following the class pictures.)
  • I want to thank both Mrs. Lampon and Ms. Lin for giving wonderful hands-on presentations last week for our Communities Around the World project. Mrs. Lampon presented a Power Point about Galicia, Spain, and gave the children opportunities to look at currency, listen to a bagpipe, and play the tambourine and castanets. Ms. Lin introduced the children to China through a mystery bag activity that presented opportunities to learn about panda bears, national dishes, and to experiment using chopsticks. She also read the book, Angel in Beijing. Thank you both!

           Have a great week!



                                                                                               Mrs. Marinelli


Butterfly Garden Project:

Class Guests:


Learning Centers:






                                                      The 2019 NURSERY CELEBRATION

Dear Parents, family, and friends,

      You are cordially invited to join us for our Nursery Celebration on June 17, 2018 at 9:00 A.M. in the Monsignor Vetro Auditorium (below St. Nicholas Church). Our class will give a brief presentation, and each child will receive a certificate of program completion, as well as his/her Report Card. We will have a small celebration immediately following.

     In preparation for the celebration, we ask that each child pay a $12 fee to help with the cost of decorations, certificates, and gifts for our class monitors who assisted each morning and lunchtime throughout the year. We also ask that each family bring refreshments to share at the celebration following the class presentation. Please consider bringing cupcakes, cookies, potato chips, pretzels, fresh fruit, mini bagels and cream cheese, juice boxes, bottled water, or any other festive foods for the children and guests that morning. There will be a designated table near the auditorium kitchen, that morning, for the food. I will purchase the paper products and provide some bowls and platters. I thank you so much for your donations, and for making this celebration special for the children!

     The day of the celebration, June 17th, is our last day of Nursery. Your child should arrive at the classroom at 8:30 A.M. You may then proceed to the auditorium to drop off your food items and to take a seat. Your child may wear dress up clothes for the occasion. Your child does not need a backpack or snack on this day. Our class will process from the classroom to the auditorium at 9:00 A.M. The presentation and celebration should last about one hour.

     Please be reminded that all tuition and boosters must be paid in full for your child to participate. Thank you for your assistance in this matter!

     I look forward to seeing you all there! I am so proud of all your children, and feel so privileged to have been their teacher this year! Thank you for all your support throughout the school year! Let’s celebrate!


                                                                                                          Mrs. Marinelli