Week of May 4, 2020


Dear Parents and Students,

   Good morning! Welcome back! I hope you had a nice weekend!

   This week we will learn about flowers, trees, and a special little insect that is so important for pollination… the bee! We will also record our observations of the seeds we planted last week. Some of the books we will read include A Season of Flowers, Exploring Seeds, Exploring Flowers, and A Carrot Seed.  We will look at flower paintings by Georgia O’Keefe, and we will create our own abstract paintings! In our literacy centers, we will review the alphabet and letter sounds, and we will practice rhyming words. In our math centers we will practice counting, adding, and subtracting objects.

   Have a great day! I will see you each day on Zoom at 1PM and 5PM!

   Ms. Nilsa and I are sending you warm wishes!

                              Mrs. Marinelli