Week of November 12, 2019



Dear Parents,

   Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed the long weekend!    

   This week we will begin to look at the art, dance, and legends of various Native American Nations in honor of Native American Heritage Month. In our literacy center we will read How the Sky Got Its Stars (based on a Hopi legend), and Raven (based on a Tlingit legend). We will also read The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses, and The Legend of the Bluebonnet. In our literacy center we will learn the letter Ii, and we will work on letter recognition activities and phonological awareness games. We will read City Mouse, Country Mouse, and compare and contrast information about urban and rural communities. In our math center we will work with numbers 1-5, and we will duplicate and extend simple patterns. In our science center we are learning about the growing and harvesting of crops. In religion we will talk about the things for which we are grateful, and we will offer God our prayers of thanksgiving.


  1. Pizza lunch will be offered on Tuesday for $2.50 per slice.
  2. Donations for the Little Sisters of the Poor will be accepted through November 18th.

     Have a great week!


                                                                                            Mrs. Marinelli