Week of November 4, 2019


Dear Parents,

     Thank you for making our Halloween party and Spirit Week events so special last week!

     This week we will continue our Autumn Harvest project with a look at harvests around the world, and we will begin a sub-unit about our American celebration of Thanksgiving. We will read Thanksgiving Day, and re-enact the first Thanksgiving story. As part of this unit, we will take a special look at the Wampanoag people, and their part in our first Thanksgiving celebration. We will also explore the legends, art, music, dance, dress, and culture of other Native American nations, this week and in the weeks following.  In our science center we will continue our exploration of various fruits and vegetables, and how they are grown and harvested. In our literacy center we will be learning the letter Hh, and we will work on letter recognition and phonics activities. We will read and recite Humpty Dumpty, and we will read Harold and the Purple Crayon, The Carrot Seed, The Legend of the Blue Bonnet, and The Little Red Hen. In our math center we will continue to work with numbers 1-5, and we will duplicate, extend, and create patterns using various manipulatives. We will also work on counting and pattern activities on the Smartboard. In our religion center we will read about St. Kateri Tekakwitha, the first Native American saint. We will read Mary’s Magnificat, a prayer of thanksgiving and praise, and we will read Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message.

This week:

  • I would like to thank Ms. Sacasa, Benicio’s mom, and Ms. Sara, for their visit on Friday. Ms. Sacasa and Ms. Sara facilitated two stamping activities with the children using tempera paint. The children enjoyed this creative project!
  • Thanksgiving pie orders are due Thursday, November 7th.
  • School will be closed on Friday and Monday, November 8th (Professional Day) and 11th (Veterans Day observance).

      Have a great week!


                                                                                            Mrs. Marinelli