Week of October 15, 2019


Dear Parents,

     This week we will continue to learn about pumpkins as part of our Autumn Harvest project. We will read Apples and Pumpkins, and compare and contrast the attributes of apples and pumpkins. We will also study the leaves, acorns, seeds, and other natural items the children have been adding to our science center. (Thank you!) In our literacy center we will be introducing the letter Ee, and we will be working on letter recognition and writing activities in our literacy center. We will read the book, Elmer, Emma, and Daisy and the Egg. We will begin to learn to recite autumn poems and Halloween rhymes. In our math center we will continue to work with shapes, numbers 1-3, and patterns. In our art center we will examine famous paintings of autumn by artists including Pissarro, Van Gogh, Millet, Bruegel, and Rivera, and we will create our own original depictions of autumn while listening to Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons: Autumn”. We will also learn the color green, and read Big Green Monster. In our prayer corner, we will continue to learn the Hail Mary prayer, and we will explore the lives of the saints through books, dramatic activities, and prayer.

  • We will have Show and Tell on Thursday! Please have your child bring in an object that is green. You may also consider having your child wear something that is green on this day.

   Have a great week!


                                                                                                 Mrs. Marinelli